Friday, March 18, 2016

It's Show Time!

Meet Lynne Logan from Tenacious Art & Such...
This is my first time at the Chagrin Falls Art Show. And I was born in Huntington, West Virginia. But I’ve lived in Brooklyn, NY, Johnson City, Tennessee, Los Angeles, and Athens while attending Ohio University. However, I received a B.A. in English from Marshall University. I moved to Columbus in 1995 where I live with my husband, our son, Baxter, and 3 cats. And our oldest, Chris, now lives in Florida with his wife, Alyssa.

In grade school, I was fascinated by paintings in museums and the cinematography on TV. I was never all that great at drawing, so photography was a natural outlet for my creativity.

When I was 11, I started making wall hangings from needlepoint and vacation photos. I took sewing lessons in grade school and made my own clothes as a teenager. I’m now using that knowledge to reupholster furniture.

After being downsized from Chase Bank in July (2015), I decided to sell some of my photos at flea markets and online at
while looking for another job. In September, after seeing my ad on Craigslist, a lovely retired woman drove 50 miles from Springfield to Columbus, to buy my “Spooky Tree”…

At which point, I decided to make a go of selling my artwork full-time.
I branched out into decoupage after happening upon a set of ceramic coasters on, Decoupaged with comic book pages. To date, I’ve designed 2 dozen coasters, 5 vases, several trivets, and my very nightstand/end table decoupaged with wallpaper.

As far as my process, it’s very organic. I amass junk like recycled salsa jars, old picture frames, fabric from old clothes, newspapers, etc., as well as curb treasures like a barstool my neighbor set out with her trash that I’m now refinishing. I sit in my studio, and I stare at these random objects until an idea hits me. For example, I snatched up a vodka bottle from our recycle bin because of the unusual texture of the glass and turned it into the vase below with paint, lace from an old skirt and a photo captured at Lake Erie 2 years ago...
As far as my goals, aside from my artwork, I’m also a writer, and I’ve done freelance editing and script consulting part-time since 2002. My first book in 2005, and I’ve written 3 books that aren’t ready for publication yet. I’ve also written 8 screenplays that have all won awards. And I hope that in 5 years, between my artistic endeavors and my writing that I can eliminate the threat (LOL) of returning to a cubicle prison ever again… :)

That said, I’d like to thank every, single person who attends this event in Chagrin Falls. You cannot know how much you support the fires of art and inspiration for alive, and I’m extremely grateful as I’m sure all the vendors are as well!

Meet Michelle Rolka from Mom's Hope Soap...
I am so excited that I will be a part of the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show.   A little bit about myself. I currently work for Tesla Motors, Inc. as a Service Concierge in Lyndhurst Ohio.  This is a fully electric car that had been in the news a lot lately.  Working with luxury cars if fun but soaping is better.  I got involved in making soap for a cousin who is a stage 4 cancer patient.  Her skin is very delicate and most of the commercial products were hurting her skin further.  She had a wish that she would be able to find a soap that was made without preservatives or fragrances.  She tried many and at that point I began to read lots about soap and thinking I could do it, my adventure began.

I always use premium ingredients and no preservatives.  About 1 ½ years ago my adult son and I did this together for someone we love.  It’s actually how we got our name “Mom’s Hope Soap LLC.”.   We managed to produce a Castile soap that worked well and was gentle enough for our family member.  We didn’t promise a miracle but she found comfort and her dried skin improved over time.  So to say that I have a talent here is just a little different than anyone else.  It is  a talent forced by love.  Each year we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to the American Cancer Society and any of our discontinued soaps will be donated to a women’s shelter.
In five years we see ourselves expanding our product line and having satellite studios in Los Angeles and Miami (where else would I go?).  We currently make many different types of soap.  We also have wonderful scrubs, lotion/massage bars and our own Plain Pink Lotion.  Some are for the delicate and then we have branched out into some fun.  We have colors,  fragrances and many shapes and sizes.  We are known to produce customized products for many occasions as well as to beautify.  We currently are working on gift baskets as hostess gifts. 

The message behind our work is that you are placed on a path for a reason and at some point it will be revealed to you.  Put your best foot forward and use the talents of love wisely.

Meet Jane Norton from Think Unique Creations...
I dreamed of selling my artwork to the public for years. Though working as an accountant for twenty plus years, I decided to follow my dream when our family moved to Ohio a little over 2 years ago. As an accountant, I helped my friend, Dottie Kelley, whom I met while living in SC at a Bible Study, with her bookkeeping for her mission, Creations of Hope. I knew immediately after learning more about Creations of Hope, I wanted to incorporate its mission into my store.

Creations of Hope supports Haitian artisans and their families by following fair trade principles. Dottie provides the materials and the training, especially to Haitian women, to teach them a way to earn money to provide for their families. Creations of Hope works as the production arm of HEPI (Haiti Education & Production Initiatives). HEPI is a nonprofit organization that supports the people of Haiti through education by providing resources for children to continue their schooling, and through production, by buying products from the artisans to resale in America. Providing education for Haitian children in rural areas is priority. Creations of Hope offers educational sponsoring opportunities and builds churches and school buildings for the Haitian people. Creations of Hope has completed St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Boucan Carre, Haiti and is currently working hard to complete two other schools/churches/community centers.

My dream was realized when we opened Think Unique Creations in downtown Hudson, Ohio almost a year ago. We are directly partnered with Creations of Hope and offer beautiful, affordable Haitian art in addition to my creations and other items as well.

My art includes various media including pencil, oil and acrylic paints, water colors, pastels, charcoal, ceramic painting and creating floral arrangements such as wreaths, graveside and decorative arrangements. I also design fireplace screens and other metal art designs for Shelove, a Haitian artisan, we work directly with through Creations of Hope.  At a young age I discovered I loved to draw. My first “real” drawing was of Christmas toy soldiers. I remember my parents complimenting my work and feeling such satisfaction and joy. Through the years, I loved art classes and continued to expand my media use and eventually began to make creations for family and friends and then started taking custom orders.
My goal is to create beautiful, quality, and unique items. I tell my friends and customers that making my art is my version of therapy! It provides me a peace and a joy that is indescribable. My hope is that it brings as much joy to others as it does to me. Our prayer is that Think Unique Creations, 220 N Main Street, Hudson, OH will continue to grow and our daughter, Emily, who is multi-talented, will continue to run the store after graduating college at Kent State. This is our first show with Avant-Garde and we are so excited for this opportunity and look forward to participating in many more!  

HEPI through Its Education Sponsorship program.
You can pledge $20/month make a one-time payment in any amount.

Meet Eugene Panozzo from GP Crafts...
My craft is hand made wooden model boats and ships. I started crafting about 6 years ago and was inspired by my 4 year service in the US Navy. I was on a ship for 3 1/2 years on the West Coast and rotated to the far East. 

I have four adult children and my two daughter's husbands own boats. I crew on them whenever I can. My work starts with a block of wood that was a living tree branch at one time. I respect this fact. I do use some power tools to get the size of wood I need, start the bow, and cut out seats. 

I create many types of boats and I think they are all different. Sometimes the  wood "speaks" to me before I start cutting. I love working with wood!

Meet Simone Lindsey from Simi Lindsay...
Simi Lindsay Luxury Scented Soy Candles are made with 100% natural eco soy wax, a natural wooden wick made from organic wood or 100% cotton wicks, and high quality phtalate free fragrance oils, assuring you receive a cleaner burning, longer lasting, richly scented soy candle. Our candles are non-toxic, eco-friendly and water soluble. Since the candles are made with natural ingredients, the containers can be safely repurposed after cleaning with soap and hot water. SIMI LINDSAY brand Soy candles are a green, healthy choice for sharing and enjoying your favorite scents. All of our soaps are sulfate free and free of color. We also offer unique home decor that is hand painted with chalk paint and other mediums.
Simi Lindsay was founded in 2015 and it will be the companies third Avant Garde Show.
I have always been very interested in arts and crafts and I got inspired by another candle maker in Pennsylvania. I wanted to create candles with unique scents and with the environment in mind.
The creative process is to hand select each fragrance and to develop candles  that are handcrafted.
I will see the business growing as an online business and wholesale business to other businesses by offering private label options.

My message is to create clean, eco friendly products that are enjoyed by people.
2016 Chagrin Falls Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show

Saturday & Sunday, March 19th and 20th, 2016
Saturday - 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday- 11:00am-5:00pm
Federated Church Family Life Center
16349 Chillicothe Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on:

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