Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Meet the Creative Chagrin Falls Crafters!

Meet Karla Wehling from Ever Iris Design...
Hi! I'm Karla and I am a mom off three awesome kids, wife of a great husband, and grandma to three beautiful kids, two boys and one girl, Ever Iris, our store namesake!

My daughter Emily and I started our Etsy store in March of 2016 making headbands. Since we had the perfect model and Ever herself needed some new bows, we figured why not!
I really enjoy making each bow and waiting to see how they come out. We use many premium designer fabrics, so no two bows are ever the same. I love seeing them on my granddaughter and, luckily, she is happy to wear them!
I hope to enjoy making these for many years to come, as long as I can keep stitching! This will be my first Avant-Garde show, I can't wait!

Meet Marcia Hudgel from 3 Oms Batik Boutique...
Hi! I'm Marcia and I'm a full time yoga teacher in Cleveland, as well as a batik artist and freelance writer. My husband is a sculptor and guitar maker, so looking for my own medium over the years was a process, but once I found batik, I knew it was the art form for me. 
I'm inspired to create by all aspects of life, especially nature, yoga, people, and music. I also love the Native American medicine cards and making batik animals from those, so people can find out what a specific animal symbolizes. 
Once I am inspired by something, I draw it up and make a template by hand. Then I go through various other steps. It's a complex process but I'm always excited to see the end result and how my items are different each time.
My message is all about connection with each other and the universe, whether it be through yoga or more ethereal practices, nature, or music. This is important to me, which is also why 3 Oms Batik Boutique gives $1 from each sale to charities that support human rights, animal welfare, and the environment.

Meet Annette Frye from Annette's Best Blend...
Hi! I'm Annette and I work for Eaton Corporation as a Program Manager in the Information and Technology Department. I am married and have two grown children. I have been taking various cooking classes for the past 25 years.
I have been making items out of my kitchen for friends for around 20 years, but I just recently got licensed to produce and sell these items. This will be my first Avant-Garde show!

I like the balance between a technical profession and a creative hobby. My entire adult life I have always done creative things; quilting, stitching, cooking, and other things like that. 
I love to cook and make gifts from my kitchen. I discovered my talent after receiving a lot of positive feedback from my friends after giving them edible gifts. If you enjoy good food and quality food products, you will enjoy what I produce. 

Meet Jessica Glatz from East Aromas Handmade Jewelry...
I am a wife, a mother of two little sweeties, and an 8th grade science teacher. I became interested in essential oils in 2014. My goal was to improve the overall health and well-being of my family and use less of what was in my medicine cabinet. That is what inspired me to create jewelry that was pretty, fun, eclectic, and still in line with more core beliefs. 

I was using essential oils and figured there had to be a prettier way to wear them, and that's how my craft came about! I ordered some essential oil diffuser lockets online and then begged my friends to raid their jewelry boxes, I would take anything they didn't want!
I love finding one charm that I really like and then build around that as a focal piece until I feel that the necklace is complete. Anything and everything inspires me to create! The hardest part is finding the time to sit down and craft. 

The core collection of my pieces are made from recycled jewelry, giving new life to old pieces. The essential oil component can be personalized and tailored to the needs of the individual wearing the piece. The scent can also be changed depending on the mood or need of the wearer. 

Meet Kellie Lupica from Haven at Foxwood Farm...
For as long as I can remember, I have felt the most comfortable in the company of animals. I decided at a very young age that I wanted to create a sanctuary where farm animals can live out their lives in the safety of knowing and feeling that no harm would ever come to them. Haven at Foxwood Farm is a place of peace and tranquility. 
I want my buyers to know that the time, work, and effort dedicated to each item is an exact reflection of how the money raised will be used, 100% o all proceeds go directly to the rescue and rehabilitation of farm animals. 
I discovered my talent several years ago after deciding to make gifts for people instead of buying them at a store. The positive feedback and responses I've received over the years has given me the courage and confidence to take on new opportunities. Now, I inspire to introduce a little of me and a little "farmhouse chic" into everyone's home.
The message that I want to send is this: the first step to following your dream is to begin working with the things you love. All else will fall in place. Creating things that make people happy AND help make your dreams come true becomes a win/win situation.

2016 Chagrin Falls Fall Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday & Sunday, December 10th and 11th, 2016
Saturday - 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday- 11:00am-5:00pm
Federated Church Family Life Center
16349 Chillicothe Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at Becki@ag-shows.com
Visit us on:

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