Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's Show Week!

Meet Maddie Burland from Noodle Works...
I am currently a sophomore at Bowling Green State University studying art education. I grew up in Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, with my mom, dad, younger brother, younger sister, and our dogs, Olive, Bob, and Kaiser. My favorite art medium is ceramics, but I also enjoy drawing and photography. Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, and more recently, knitting.
I’ve always loved making art and doing art projects, so I’d say I’ve been an artist pretty much forever, but I got really into ceramics and photography in high school, and I really only started drawing a lot this past summer. I’ve also only just started attending art shows, though I’ve participated in school art shows before. This will be my 2nd Avant-Garde Craft Show. I decided to start applying to and selling art at these shows because I already make a ton of art on my own and for my classes, and since I am a poor college student, I thought it might be nice to make some extra money and get some exposure as a new artist. 
I wouldn’t say that I discovered a talent for art, I’ve just always known that I like art and that I’m good at it. I took art classes all throughout high school and decided to pursue a career in art education because of how much art and creating mean to me. That being said, I also wouldn’t say that any one thing inspires me to create because the things I create are inspired by many things. If anything, I would say that I create because I simply can’t not make art. Even when I find myself in a bit of a rut I always have some ideas floating around, and can always find something to draw or make. 
I think haphazard is a good word to describe my creative process. I’m never quite sure when I’ll have ideas for drawings, or when I’ll have the time and energy to actually draw them since I’m usually pretty busy with classes. When I do have time and ideas, the process for my drawings usually goes through the steps of having the idea, drawing sketches or a sketch with notes and possible adjustments, drawing the final copy on larger paper in pencil, and then adding color to the final copy, usually with markers. When I do ceramics, the process is even more involved, because many ceramics pieces require multiple sketches, since ceramics is a 3D medium, and I don’t make many coffee mugs. 
In 5 years, I hope to be an art teacher, in whatever school and district that will take me. But in terms of selling my art, the plan is pretty much to keep doing what I’ve started doing this past year, drawing and making art as much as I can, and applying to and attending shows whenever I can. I wouldn’t say there’s any real message in my work, like “stop pollution” or that sort of thing. The things I create are simply a reflection of me and how I see the world, and my attempt to capture what I see in some physical form

Meet Karyl Lee from One Row to Hoe...
I am a retired former vegetarian chef from Charleston, SC who lives in Oberlin, OH. I moved here in 2008, and since have fallen for the local art scene and opportunities for visual representation. I work in water media and with beads and ceramics, and have illustrated a children's book. I have been a working artist for more than 50 years, and a beaded jewelry maker for a decade and this will be my first Avant-Garde Show!
I discovered my talent when I was encouraged as a child by my father to explore color and media and have never stopped. Then, living in Oberlin where there is a great bead supply store, I saw a lot of nifty stuff and wanted to make my own. I love colors, textures, and shapes, and enjoy making unusual things happen in different media. Usually, I sit with a tiny pen or pencil sketch and consider what I want the ultimate illustration to look like, or else I pick up a ceramic piece and just apply color! sometimes I find a focal bead that makes me want to string things with it that will showcase just that one piece.
As for the future, I think I might be retired for good as a business but who knows, maybe the second book I am working on illustrating might lead to other related work. My main message is that art should be accessible and enjoyable in a multitude of ways. Everyone can find something creative to express themselves with or through and I hope my multi-medium approach stimulates that.

Meet Lynn Pelka of Lynn Patricia Designs…
Creating my handbags and accessories brings me much joy.  I love working with the fabrics and textures making a classy looking handbag that may be just right for you. We, as women, look for a handbag that is specific to our needs whether it has pockets, zipper closer a certain kind of strap/handle. I create my handbags with a full front pocket to hold all your important items at your fingertips with soft webbing handled for a comfortable fit. I also offer handmade zipper pouches, mini wallets, and lip balm totes as well as special character handbags for the little girl in your life.
Even though I’ve been sewing since childhood, my business began when I launched an Etsy store 2011 listing, at that time, my very colorful handbags, tea bag wallets, and water bottle totes. With experience over the years, my design has settled down to a more classic handbag style in neutral colors.  Things have blossomed and I am now established both at indoor and outdoor shows. It is always a pleasure meeting and chatting with those who stop at my booth.
The future looks bright with the hopes to one day retire from my day job as an office manager at a dental practice and participate in as many shows as possible. I’ve found the Avant-Garde shows to be expertly done with vendors who produce beautiful and interesting items making for an enjoyable shopping experience. So hope you enjoy your day at the show and be sure to stop by and introduce yourself as one who has read this blog.

2019 West Geauga Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Date: Sunday, March 17, 2019
 Time: 8:00am-3:00pm
West Geauga High School
13401 Chillicothe Road
Chesterland, OH 44026
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on:

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