Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Chagrin Falls, Meet Your Vendors!

Meet Josh Marinelli of J. Marinelli Art...
A little more than a year ago (last summer), I turned my attention to some paintings I had created throughout my past.  A neighbor happened to stop by as I was unpacking them and she was immediately struck and walked away with 3! My first sale! After that, I decided to not turn away from this thing that was always in me but never allowed to develop.  So I’ve been painting regularly for a little more than a year.  However the first ‘discovery’ came 20 years ago.
I do not have any formal artistic training or background!  I earned a MA in Eng.Lit from John Carroll. And taught Eng. Comp at many colleges in three different states over the course of 20 years.
Over this past year,  2 plywood pieces and a large plywood commissioned piece found homes with individuals that connected somehow to them. It’s still absolutely awesome to think about: That something I made is hanging in someone’s home/office. Even just being in these AG shows is still kinda scary.  I’ve only been present in 1 so far!
The colors that appear in my work usually come from natural things.  The sky and clouds, a Red Maple tree across the street, trees in general.  And my ‘subjects’ are ideas, senses, feelings, and motion itself, especially patterns. I’m drawn to working on wood surfaces like plywood and even unfinished “chunks” of logs.

I’m a very deliberative worker and spend a lot of time visualizing. I think I use the oil paint differently then usual also because of the nature of wood. 
Beside continue to make things and develop as an artist, my goals are quite undefined.  Specifically though, I am interested in garnering another/more commissioned work.  The one I did this past year ( called Transition), was/is one of my best accomplishments in life period!

Meet Patricia Dennison of Palmer Place Fine Teas...
My name is Patricia Dennison & I am the owner of Palmer Place Fine Teas. I am of Scottish ancestry, and grew up drinking tea. I have many fond memories of drinking tea with my Scottish grandmother. Tea time then was a gathering of my mom, sister, aunts & cousins. We shared many laughs & cups of strong black tea with milk & sugar. To this day, when I have a strong black cup of tea it takes me back to my childhood.  The name Palmer Place Fine Teas is derived from No. 10 Palmer Place Tea Room. I owed this tea room in the 2010's. Desiring to focus on tea education, I closed the restaurant and stayed in the tea business.

As a Tea Sommelier, it is my mission to educate the consumer about the different types of tea & their flavor profiles. I also realize that many consumers do not know how to brew tea properly. It is my goal to teach customers tea brewing techniques that will produce the most flavorful and enjoyable cup.

As part of my tea certification programs I was required to taste hundreds of different teas and take notes on each tea. Soon I was able to identify different teas by their taste & identify their origin. I have learned how to prepare each type of tea for optimal flavor, and create blends because of my knowledge of the different flavor profiles.

The key to blending and flavoring tea is not only knowing how the tea tastes, but what the blending components taste like as well. Therefore, when I create a new blend, I will taste the blending components brewed separately from the tea, then begin combining. Much of the initial process is trial & error. Often it takes 4-6 attempts to come up with a blend that is pleasing to many different palates.

I will continue my on line presence http://www.palmerplacetea.com, I will also continue to attend shows and festivals throughout Northeastern Ohio. There are so many shows that often I cannot be two places at once, so my goal is to have a staff so that Palmer Place Tea can be represented at numerous venues. I would also like to have my teas represented in more businesses throughout Northeastern Ohio.

here are many tea purveyors out there, but not all suppliers are knowledgeable about their product. They merely purchase their tea from a wholesaler and re-package it with their name. When you purchase Palmer Place Fine Teas, you will know that your teas come from only reputable, trusted, FDA approved sources that have been carefully selected at the World Tea Expo. In addition, many of my tea blends are proprietary to Palmer Place Fine Teas and cannot be found anywhere else.

Meet Lina ElRichani of MsCotti’s Biscotti & Scones... 
MsCotti’s Biscotti & Scones is a family run bakery that specializes in the “softer” biscotti and scones. We are Cleveland’s premier “softer” biscotti, made from scratch bakery. My husband and I work really hard to show our love and kindness to the world, by serving our customers the highest quality baked goods they have ever had! We have been baking our gourmet “softer” biscotti & scones since 2004. We started subleasing in a very small facility and have expanded into a 4500 sf commercial facility.
My husband’s family has been baking for many generations. Being the youngest of eight siblings, he learned at an early age the tricks of being a great and innovative baker.  We are inspired by our loyal customers to expand our product line to include over 25 different “softer” biscotti flavors and 9 scone flavors. We love trying new flavors and even expanded to include Gluten Free Biscotti and Cookies!
In five years we hope to continue to expand or product line and to be known as the leading “softer” biscotti distributor throughout the county.
We don’t just serve our customer’s the “softest” biscotti and scones they have ever had, this husband and wife couple strives to leave an impression and spread a little love and joy to everyone we see!

2019 Chagrin Falls Winter Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday & Sunday, December 14 & 15, 2019
Saturday - 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday- 11:00am-5:00pm
Federated Church Family Life Center
16349 Chillicothe Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at Becki@ag-shows.com
Visit us on:

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