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"Spring" into March with the Chagrin Falls Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show!

Meet Lauren Howie from Well Traveled...
By day, I work in Research Administration IT, by night, I'm working to perfect my sewing skills. I'm originally from Cleveland Heights, but now live in Lakewood. I've been finding new creative outlets since childhood but recently discovered sewing and fell in love with it. I am fairly new to the sewing game. I started two years ago and Well Traveled is a little over 1 year old.
The Chagrin Falls weekend will be my first Avant-Garde show! Growing up, I loved the anticipation and excitement prior to taking a trip. Travel was an adventure and a treat. I like to sew items that bring back that feeling. Also, I recently realized that custom work is the most rewarding for me. I love making a bag for someone who had an idea in mind and when they see it finished, they're thrilled. I like putting a smile on my customer's face. 
For as long as I can remember, I've been crafting. If I'm not working with my hands, I'm not happy. I get such a kick out of creating something from nothing. 
It came out of necessity actually. I moved out of the ceramics studio where I worked but needed to make Christmas presents for my family. I had a sewing machine but hadn't sewn anything before. I only had a couple weeks to learn and after a couple YouTube videos, I was hooked. 

I typically get new ideas when I'm at work. I keep a notepad at my desk for super detailed lists of what I need to create a new design. I love the prototyping process, so I spend a lot of time working out the details and making a pattern in different ways. I make notes about everything I do. There are sketches all over the place. 
In 5 years I'd hope to have a solid online business. It would be amazing if this could be my full-time job instead of just a side hustle. Every bag I make and fabric I choose, I keep this in mind; we all travel, might as well arrive in style.

Meet Karen Gawloski from WHERE????
I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and was blessed to have a mother who was creative and helped to bring out the creativity in me. I have been crafting for two years. This will be my first Avant-Garde show so I am very excited to be joining such a great community of artisans.
Words of wisdom and laughter are my main inspiration. I started out making things for myself which then led to others wanting to order and purchase one or two and from there it continued to grow. I was always encouraged growing up by my mother to try anything that interests me.  I often watch videos or read blogs and articles on crafting which provides with with the base to try new things. 

In five years I would like to expand to other boutiques and larger shows. My message to my customers is to be inspired, embrace yourself and find time to laugh!

Meet Tiffany O'Niell from Tiffany O Studio...
My love for creating art started at a very young age, with my family.  I grew up surrounded by family members that are artists, so it was only natural that I grew into one.  My art started with photography and has been evolving into home decor, and accessories items.I started taking pictures ever since my father bought an old camera from a pawn shop and gave it to me to play with. I studied commercial photography at Ohio University specializing in food photography with a minor in fine art, and graduated in 2007.  I really enjoy taking photos of my surroundings, and trying new techniques in my photography. I am currently experimenting with coasters, wine charms, and more useable forms or my photography.
I have been creating usable art with my photography since 2010, so almost 8 years now! This will be my second Avant-Garde Show.My everyday surroundings are my biggest inspiration, for example my newest line that I have come out with is based around my backyard chickens. I carry my camera with me every day and whatever strikes me, tends to become a product of mine.  It all started with my Cleveland Skyline image and has evolved from there.

To be honest, I started this because I was getting burned out on my corporate photography career (still am).  Starting my personal business has given me a fantastic outlet to be creative and not have people tell me what to do. My passion and I talent was started when I was a child and my dad gave me a camera that he purchased at a pawn shop.  It was a gift that lead to a passion that stemmed my career, and passion.
My creative process all starts with an image.  Once I find an image that I am happy with I take it into my studio and I start to think about what would I want to use this image for?  I look around my house and literally say “would I hang this on my wall?”  Or “ Would I carry this around with me to work?”  and from there I start thinking about the different products that I could put the image on.  I try to solve someones problem.  Like make a good looking coaster, but it solves the problem of them getting damaged furniture.  Win Win!

In five years I'd like to be working on my business full time, and not working in the corporate world.  Also have my products in many different stores throughout the country. My message to customers is that i create beautiful usable art.  You don’t need to be rich to have nice art in your home!

Meet Ray Lazar from Ray's Carving and Woodworking
I am a retired maintenance worker/school bus driver for Solon Schools where I worked for 32 years. I have been carving since 2011, so about seven years. This will be my very first Avant-Garde Arts & Craft Show. I am inspired by nature, I like to try to capture nature's images in wood. 

I discovered my talent when I was building our deck. I ended up at a woodshed while trying to match wood for my deck, I saw a wooden turkey feather and said I would like to do that someday. The owner of the gallery told me they have classes ever Thursday 3 hrs. Everything blossomed from there.

Where would I like to be in five years? Just doing things I like to do! Travel with my wife, fishing. Since I have retired I have six Saturdays and one Sunday! My mission is to make something pleasing to the eye. Never knew I had this type of Artistic talent.

Meet Jackie Ayers from Dyetology...
I am a fashion designer and designed for large brands such as Bath and Body Works, Lane Bryant, and Thirty One Gifts for 17 years until I left corporate to focus on my business full time.

I started my business in 2015. I have shown at three of the Columbus Avant-Garde Shows and excited to be traveling to Chagrin Falls this March!

I truly love the dye process and creating with my hands! I get alot of inspiration from nature and most of my color palettes are based on inspiration from nature’s beauty!
I started my business in 2015 as a creative outlet. I really missed making with my hands- everything we do in the Design industry is on the computer and when I started my business it was an outlet to do something creative for myself. I love the hands on approach with dying and sewing.

While I was the Columbus College of Art and Design getting my fashion design degree I took surface design classes and learned the art of hand dying. It was one of my favorite classes and I hand-dyed most of the pieces I created for my final Senior collection.
I start each season with collecting color research and inspiration for the new collection. I collect inspiration from magazines, trend services, Pinterest, nature etc.. I also research new hand-dying techniques that will yield a new look for my items. I then do many test color pieces to see what colors and techniques are working the best.

When it comes time to dye, I use premium quality base fabrics that are natural fibers such as silk, Rayon, Bamboo-Rayon, and silk-rayon blends. I also use professional grade, permanent dyes.
I use various Shibori (Japanese resist dyeing) techniques as well as ice dying techniques to yield a variety of looks. I sew and dye my items out of my Westerville, Ohio studio. Each item approx takes 12 steps from start to finish to complete.
I hope to grow my business and have a stronger on-line presence as well traveling though out the US to do more shows. I want to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that makes the woman wearing them feel special and unique. I use natural fibers such as silk, Rayon, Bamboo Rayon because I want each piece to feel so good on, you won’t want to take them off!

Visit my website at www.dyetology.com

2018 Chagrin Falls Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday and Sunday, March 10-11th 2018
Saturday- 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday- 11:00am-5:00pm
Federated Church-Family Life Center
16349 Chillicothe Road
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at becki@ag-shows.com
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