Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Means Color for these Chagrin Vendors!

Meet Miechelle Weber from Miechelle Photography...

I am a self-taught photographer utilizing the skills and fundamental elements from several photography classes I have attended. I also continue to study books and online sources, and gain knowledge from the ever-so-fun experimentation of my lovely little camera. I hold a Bachelor’s from the University of Akron in Interdisciplinary Anthropology, along with a certificate in Asian Studies. I also have studied abroad in Japan with Temple University Japan in the fall semester of 2006.

"Miechelle Photography became official and launched on May 9, 2014. In August of 2014, I photographed my first wedding and have also have conducted unique photo-sessions locally for couples, families, individuals, and pets since then. Along with sessions, I love taking pictures of everything found in nature. I very much enjoy this hobby and in hopes to one day make it into a full-time business."
I attended an Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show last year and loved the atmosphere; the Fairlawn show this past April was my first time as a vendor and had a blast! I'm excited to be art vendor here in Chagrin Falls!

Meet Kayleigh Zaharias from My Little Ladies' BoutiqueMy name is Kayleigh and I am a stay at home mom. I have three amazing daughters and they keep me busy! In my free time I make tutus, headbands, bows, infinity scarves and necklaces.

I have been making accessories for my daughters for a while but started my own business earlier this year.

My girls are my inspiration for everything I do. I love being apart of a little girls milestones from there first picture to their first birthday and everything after.

I got into this craft by making my girls accessories to save money, and I needed a hobby of my own. I tried a lot of different items but found that I love making tutus and headbands the most!
Where I see myself in five years... I like to make accessories for fun. I love doing the shows and talking to people! I would like to continue doing shows and maybe grow the business once my babies are older!

The message behind my work is that every girl deserves to feel like a princess! With the right accessories and tutu for birthday parties, first year and newborn photo shoots, dress-up or holiday parties, my items are sure to make your little one feel special!

Meet Vicki Prussak from Carry Your Message...
 I'm a Midwestern woman who has lived many lives. I'm an animal lover, jewelry artist, 20+years visual marketing professional, retired belly dancer and most of all, I love to laugh.

In my 20's I wanted to be a tattoo artist but could not find an apprentice program, thank goodness...haha. Instead I created a "Beautymarks" Delicate designs in body art; a temporary tattoo business where I hand painted designs. Didn't do that for too long. Soon I became a professional bellydancer and danced for 12 years. 

In 1992 I started at the University of Akron for Graphic Design. My definition of Fine Art vs. Graphic Art is Fine Art creates questions, Graphic Art answers business questions visually.

I got into my current jewelry business because I have been making jewelry all my life! However, only in the past couple of years has Carry Your Message been born. I have always been creative and somewhat of an artist.

I got into my craft because I had a desire and dire need to change my life as a teen; this lead me to carry poems, stories, words, or pictures as reminders of the drastic changes I wanted to make in my life. While reading inspirational materials I felt confident and inspired for change. However, once out in the world and active in my day, I would forget my intentions, the inspirational materials and the desires I had for improving my life. Wearing the jewelry I made, I would glance at my bracelet or necklace and remind myself to take a different action thus a different result would take me towards the life I desired!
Carry Your Message™ is about the thoughts and stories we carry about ourselves, others and life in general. Life struggles are common and not usually the result of outside foes, but rather our own internal thoughts.
As someone who wanted change in their life I found that others truly loved receiving my jewelry. I would place a personal note for someone struggling or needing an extra bit of support. They could wear the jewelry and know they are not alone. As I started going to shows, I have talked to so many women buying Carry Your Message™ for friends and family facing cancer, divorce, loss of a job. It was their way of showing you don't have to go through trials alone. 

I describe my creative process as intuition. When I find something that intrigues me or comes to me out of the blue I work the ideas until they come to fruition.

Carry Your Message™ is about CONNECTION, meaningful connections of the heart. Whether connecting to yourself in the form of a lifestyle change or connecting with friends and family, Carry Your Message™  jewelry, provides a tangible tool of love. Wear a piece of Carry Your Message™ jewelry as a mindful reminder of what is truly important or inspirational to you or the ones you love. 

Meet Nikki Hall from Fantastically Floral...
My name is Nikki Hall and I am 23 years old.  I make handmade fabric hair accessories including flowers and butterflies at the moment.  They are all hand-sewn and can be put on other accessories such as pins and headbands, or can come with no backing attached if custom ordered.

I have been making hair flowers for about 4 years, but have just recently started to sell them within the past few months. I have always enjoyed making things, but the flowers I made seemed to be popular (Everyone loved them!).  I am hoping that my butterflies will be successful as well!

How I got into my craft.. I just loved fabric growing up and I am not good with a sewing machine, so I figured why not make accessories to match?
A lot of people make hair flowers, but I put so much work and dedication into anything I do.  All of my products are triple checked for quality.  My butterflies are very unique though as I had come up with the design.

My creative process?  I wouldn't say I have a process.  I find a fabric that I love and see what I can do with it!  I love making my flowers and butterflies so much I do them at my lunch and breaks at work.

In 5 years, I would love to have a successful Etsy shop, my own website, and possibly even sell my items in local boutiques.

The message behind my work is that my flowers aren't flashy because I am a very simplistic type of person.  I wanted my flowers to say that simple can be beautiful too!

2015 Chagrin Falls Fall Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th 2015
Saturday - 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday- 11:00am-5:00pm
Federated Church Family Life Center
16349 Chillicothe Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
Visit us on:

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