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Shop this Spring at the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show!

Meet Danielle Bosak from Luna's Bath and Body...
My name is Danielle, I'm a 30 year old mother to a beautiful two year old girl. I love to read and make people smile. I craft all sorts of things but currently I have a business making natural bath and body products. I have been making natural bath and body products for six years now. More recently I have begun selling my items to those outside of my friends and family so that I can share my passion with others. 
What inspires me.. I have always loved figuring out how things are made, I enjoy experimenting and finding out new ways of doing things and to make something from scratch I have the opportunity to do that. It is such a satisfying feeling to create something new and share it with the others.

What got me into my hobby? Honestly? It was a book! I cannot remember what it was called exactly, but they were describing this apple cinnamon tea that sounded delicious and when I couldn't find it, I decided to make it myself which led me to wanting to craft more things from scratch. I began crafting with the apple cinnamon tea that I made from scratch and began trying my hand in other arts & crafts such as making hair bows, dream catchers, bibs, and jewelry but then one day when making bath bombs and soap I decided that it was my favorite thing to create and have stuck with it since.
My creative process is just that, creative! I love to experiment with different scents and bases for my     products, not to mention coming up with new products for my friends and family to try out!  I can't even begin to describe how often I am thinking about and writing down new ideas and combinations for my items.

My five year vision.. Hopefully a storefront, owning my own shop outside of my home has always been a goal for me since I started 6 years ago. With just this year beginning to sell the bath and body products that I make, this dream is becoming more and more of a reality for me. I am currently going back to school to get a business degree so that I can do all that I would like to for my business.
The message behind my work.. Natural products do not need to break the bank. The items I make are at the lowest prices that I can possibly offer and it's not just for the purpose of sales. I know how hard it is to find bath and body products that don't irritate your skin, products that you feel you can trust not to have harsh chemicals in     them, and even products that actually work! Some big companies that offer natural products charge you an arm and a leg for a bottle of lotion, but if I can offer people a similar item for a fraction of the cost it is worth it to me.

Meet Kathy Fisher from BadaBling...
I’m married to my husband of 5 years and we have a wonderful blended family. Together our family is made up of my 2 adult twin boys (21 yrs old) and no grandchildren…yet. My husband has 3 adult children (42, 38, 35 yrs old), 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  My husband retired Jan 2016 and I am retiring July 2017. So I will have lots of time to devote to my jewelry craft now.

I have always made various types of hand crafted jewelry of some kind over the years.  It started with earrings and lead to necklaces then to face pins and now I have fallen in love with the wire bracelets with charms that can lead to a customer telling a personal story, if they so desire.  That’s what makes this jewelry more fun and exciting.
What inspires me to create.. The love of beautiful jewelry and I especially love to see women wearing what I create and their excitement when they find that perfect piece.

How I got into my craft.. I got bored just going to craft shows and seeing how much fun the vendors were having talking to the customers. I wanted to try making something but I didn’t know what.  So I tried one of the jewelry kits just to wear a pair of earrings for myself and loved it!  It just blossomed from there!!

How I discovered my talent.. I just started making things that interested me and kept trying different types of jewelry until I found this form. I love that each woman or girl can tell snip-it of their life by personalizing their bracelets.
My creative process... I start with one bead and then decide which one would look good with the first.  Sometimes it’s the ones you don’t think look the best at first, that end up looking the best when you’re done with that bracelet.  

My five year goal.. I don’t want to get too big but I still want to keep it personal for my customers to be able to offer variety while still providing great customer service and keeping costs down.
Message behind my work.. Love what you do, and do what you love! That is actually one of the charms that I put on my bracelets.  I relax when I make my bracelets and enjoy creating all of them. It’s actually a difficult decision deciding which beads to put together :) because you don’t want to keep making the same ones you love over and over again. You don’t want to see everyone wearing the same bracelet. You want each bracelet to be unique. Every person is unique, so every bracelet should be too!

Meet Lynne Logan from Tenacious Images...
I’m originally from West Virginia, but I’ve lived in Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, CA, Johnson City, Tennessee, and Athens, Ohio while attending Ohio University before settling in Columbus in 1996. I’ve been married for almost 17 years, and we have 2 boys. I received a B.A. in English, and I taught pre-school/grade school for almost 4 years. Additionally, I was an instructor at a junior college for a little less than 5 years. I was also a paralegal for almost 7 years. So far, I’ve attended 3 different Avant-Garde shows in Chagrin Falls, N. Canton and one in Columbus.

I started selling some of my fine art prints (digital photos), hand painted coffee cups and vases as well as my decoupaged coasters at flea markets, arts/crafts shows and online almost 2 years ago. Additionally, I’m proud to announce that last month a representative from Bridesmaid magazine called me after seeing my shop on, and I’m now an approved vendor for Bridesmaid’s website,, which involves creating custom bridesmaid favors and personalized wedding gifts, which are advertised on 3 different online storefronts owned by the magazine, including a site in New York.
I get inspired by the idea of mixing patterns, designs, various types of media and textures in a different way. For example, I decoupaged a beer mug with an article from the Civil War, an item, which sold on my Etsy site about 12 hours after posting the listing. I also decoupaged a couple set of coasters with duct tape (photo #1 attached of the pink ones).

I’m also inspired by the designs of other artisans. I’ll see a dress in a store that has a unique combination of colors or maybe a tablecloth or something, and I’ll take a photo of it. Then, I’ll create something similar to that pattern or color combination like the photo attached of the curved black vase (2nd photo). That black and gray design was inspired by some scrapbook paper I saw at Michael’s.  
How I got into my craft.. I’ve also been interested in art, and when I lost my job at Chase Bank, I decided to sell a few of my photos at a flea market close to my house, and a woman drove all the way from Springfield to buy a copy of my “spooky tree” (3rd photo attached). At that point, I decided to create a website on Etsy and another one on Ebay.  

How I discovered my talent..  Hmmm… the story above confirmed that maybe, I could make a living at selling my artwork. I’m still working part-time for William-Sonoma as a call center agent, but I’m hoping that in a year or so, I’ll be able to quit my “day” job. Then, last fall, I hand painted a set of ceramic coasters that sold to a lady in Santiago, Chile, about 2 hours after uploading the listing on Etsy (4th photo). So, I’ve been spending more time painting and less time on my photography since then. 
My five year goal is to be selling my artwork full-time out of my house and possibly selling my coasters in larger quantities. I’m trying to find a company that will produce my wedding coasters in bulk at a reasonable price so that I can make favors for weddings as well as creating/selling bridesmaid favors.

The message behind my work..  My entire life I’ve always been the odd duck at every party, every teaching job/office job, every classroom growing up, etc. My own mother called me a “weirdo” (in an affectionate way) because I love Shakespeare as much as I love science fiction and horror movies and books as well, and I love abstract art as much as more classic art like that of Rembrandt and such. And I hope my art reflects that anything goes kind of attitude that there are no rules in art. I like what I like, and I’ll continue to create what I think is interesting whether anyone else likes it or not…:)

Meet Katie Stump from KatieRose Jewelry...
I have been married to my best friend for 9 1/2 years and we are the proud parents of two beautiful children Ashley (6) and Hayden (5). I am a stay at home mom who decided to turn my hobby into a business. I have been making jewelry on and off for over 20 years.

I'm inspired by fashion and wanting to create alluring pieces that are stylish and affordable.
My Aunt Julie is the person who introduced me to making beaded jewelry.I was 10 years old and visited my aunt in Columbus and she made amazing jewelry and I knew it was something I wanted try. I entered my first necklace into a contest at a bead store she shopped at and I won 1st prize for my age group. From then on I was hooked!
My creative process usually starts with me looking at all the beads I have and matching what I think might look good together. I could be just one color or multiple colors. I then lay out the pattern I am trying to accomplish on my board and if I think it looks good laid out then I will start putting the beads together on the eye pins. If I'm not feeling how the pattern or beads look then I can completely scratch the idea and move on to something else.
My five year goal... My hope is that KatieRose Jewelry can grow enough to be picked up by boutiques and that my online shop can grow to reach more people around the country.

The message behind my workis to bring a multitude of alluring, unique jewelry pieces that are stylish and affordable!

Online Store:
2017 Chagrin Falls Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Saturday & Sunday, March 11th and 12th, 2017
Saturday - 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday- 11:00am-5:00pm
Federated Church Family Life Center
16349 Chillicothe Rd.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
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